Electronic submission of programs

In order to submit files via Blackboard, you must have access to a web browser that supports form submission over secure socket layer, such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Opera.

File Submission

You should submit all source and documentation files.  If this is a class where you develop a build file (e.g.  Makefile) that directs program compilation, that should be submitted as well.

Do not submit:

  • unmodified code give by the instructor
  • executables (e.g. C/C++ executable program)
  • compiled files (e.g.  object files, compiler byte code such as __pycache__ directories)

To submit files, do the following:

  1. Log in to blackboard and select your class.
  2. Select assignments and then select the assignment that you wish to submit.
  3. Add the files and press submit.  If your submission requires subdirectories (e.g. you’ve developed a Python package), you must package your files into a

Note for pair programmers

If you are in a class that allows pair programming, only one of the programmers should submit.  Make sure both students names are on the code.  Hard copy should be submitted as a single package.  The common code, and two sets of questions if there are questions in the assignment.

Packaging your files into a single archive to submit

As an alternative to adding each file separately, you may place them in an archive file in one of the following formats: .zip, .tar, and compressed tar (.tgz)  Your archive may have subdirectories, but your main code should be at the top level.  That is, if you develop code in directory assignment01, all files that are direct children of assignment01 must be at the top level of your archive file.