San Diego State UniversityMarie A. Roch

Professor of Computer Science



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Professor Marie A. Roch received her Ph.D. degree from The University of Iowa. Prior to joining San Diego State University, she held positions at Florida International University and AT&T Bell Laboratories.

Professor Roch's research interests are in pattern recognition, particularly as applied to categorization of audio signals. Her current work is in pattern recogntion for bioacoustics, the study of sound production and perception in animals. Her lab develops algorithms to learn about free-ranging animal populations from acoustic sensors and is part of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography Marine Acoustics Laboratories. In addition, her lab collaborates with researchers from a variety of institutions such as Cornell University, NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Science Centers, Oregon State University, and The University of California Los Angeles.

Students interested in joining our lab should read the research overview to learn more about the type of work that we do.

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